The key objective for Hutton’s communications team is to engage local communities and stakeholders frequently, consistently and transparently.

We are aware of concerns expressed by people living in areas of oil and gas exploration and they are completely understandable.

We are committed to working closely with local communities to ensure that citizens are fully informed of our operations and understand the processes of oil and gas exploration. The views of the local community will be taken into account at every stage of the planning process. 

We establish Community Advisory Boards (CABs) in our license areas to establish a clear channel of communications with the communities. These boards are made up of representatives from Hutton, along with key local stakeholders. The CABs are a direct line of communication to Hutton’s management team and provide the opportunity for citizens to identify and raise any issues related to industrial activity in the local area.

At all times, our operations are in accordance with industry best practices, UKOOG guidelines (UK), OPPPW guidelines (Poland) and applicable local, national and European legislation and regulations.

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