“Our vision is to provide energy in a safe and sustainable manner”

As a responsible company, it is the policy of Hutton to take foremost account of the health and safety of our employees, contractors and members of the communities in which we operate. We are committed to conducting our business in such a way that protects and preserves the environment by strictly adhering to key HSE principles.

Hutton recognises the temporary inconveniences surrounding hydrocarbon exploration and production. However, by working closely with local communities and stakeholders, we can ensure that environmental concerns are taken into account during planning and implementation stages. 

Key Principles

  • Proactively communicate health and safety performance with our workforce, Government and the wider community by providing them with relevant information on company policies and practices.
  • Choosing well sites carefully to take into account nature, community impact, geology, transport and future development.
  • Meeting or exceeding all relevant environmental regulations and legislation.
  • Regularly seek out and review Environment, Health and Safety risks so that potential hazards are identified at an early stage and mitigated where necessary. 
  • Develop and maintain crisis, emergency and contingency procedures, in co-operation with authorities and emergency services, in order to minimise harm from any accidents. 
  • Prevent pollution by the appropriate storage, transfer, handling, disposal and use of materials. 
  • Promote development of improved regulations and industry best practice standards which relate to health, safety and environment. 
  • Foster a company culture that promotes environmental protection and the use of industry best practice.

These principles apply to all personnel, contractors and joint ventures’ engaged in activities under Hutton Energy’s operational control and Hutton will use its influence to promote this Policy in non-operated ventures.

For further information please visit www.huttonengage.com.