+ David Messina - Director

David Messina has been a key principal at Hutton Energy Ltd since its establishment in 2009.

Mr Messina has over twenty years multi-sector experience in the Energy, Oil and Gas and Agricultural industries, holding senior positions in executive management, strategic and business development. Having lived and worked in numerous countries he has acquired global management experience with both start-up and mature businesses, including five years in Eastern Europe where he successfully developed greenfield business in the Energy sector; Oil and Gas (Conventional, CBM, Shale) and renewables (biomass, biofuels, geothermal).

Mr Messina oversees all aspects of group's operations and manages the successful relationships with key industry players as well as European, national and local governments; He has identified key partnerships to develop acreage across Europe and has a track record of raising substantial funding.

As one of the founding principals of Hutton Energy he has been instrumental in the development of the company's European portfolio.

+ Frank Maio - Exploration Director

Mr Maio is a highly experienced geologist specialising in the identification, exploration and development of conventional, and more recently, unconventional hydrocarbons. He identified core areas of the Marcellus shale play before it became popular, brought investment teams that purchased over 800,000 acres and worked with operators in defining exploration drill sites. Mr Maio is responsible for identifying all the licenses currently held or under application by Hutton Energy.